Making Sure Your Dog Is Taken Care Of While Your On Vacation

Puparazzi LA is a luxury dog ​​hotel in Los Angeles. In addition to training on the trails, dogs also have a large yard with specialized training grounds. Puparazzi LA is a haven for pets because there is no cage, and everyone moves without problems. At this Los Angeles hotel, your dog will enjoy the game and impeccably decorated space. Veterinary care is available to them 24 hours, and you will be able to see what your pet is doing through the live stream at any time.

The hotel is a kindergarten for your dog, where he can spend days when you are not at home. Depending on the personality of the dog, some dogs enjoy the hotel, especially socialized ones. Dog Daycare is a place where your pet can play and enjoy with his friends while you are at work or busy with other tasks. If you are going on a business trip – you can always leave your dogs at the hotel. They have everything there – toys, food, play space, and friends. In the morning, they feed, stroll, have enough space to socialize and play because the rooms are big enough for them. After that, they go for a walk in the afternoon two to three times.

When you leave your dog at a dog hotel, you will be introduced to a new environment and new people. Building confidence in these people depends on how they treat the dog. If your dog is in a dog hotel that keeps them closed, it can cause a lot of stress. Stress is the result when a dog is confined to other dogs for a long time and where there is a lot of noise.

It is important to note that only healthy dogs with proper vaccination documentation are admitted to the hotel for safekeeping, to make the environment safer for all members.

The following documentation is required to check-in at a dog hotel:

  1. Evidence of regular vaccination,
  2. If your pet was suffering from something,
  3. If the pet is receiving therapy, you must bring medication (sufficient amount during your stay at the hotel),
  4. That it is protected from parasites.

For members who have not received the vaccination, a veterinarian can arrange it on-site at the expense of the dog owner. When the dog arrives at the hotel, it is necessary to bring his or her food, or in agreement with the hotel staff, optimal nutrition will be provided.