How To Find A Good Facial Plastic Surgeon

When we undergo a surgical intervention it is very delicate and it is normally understandable to feel nervous, therefore, it is ideal to choose a good facial plastic surgery for aesthetic surgery or reconstructive surgery since this way you will be calmer and more confident that you will achieve the objective you want with the aesthetic surgery. To help you make a decision we will mention several features that every good facial plastic surgeon should have.

Before submitting yourself to a plastic surgery, keep in mind that when deciding which doctor to use, the risk is present, so it is essential to first make an investigation about the surgeon you want to choose, as well as his or her board certification. However, just because he is board certified does not mean that he is fully qualified to perform your plastic surgery.

There are some self-proclaimed boards that are not properly recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). In order for a facial plastic surgeon to obtain this accreditation, he or she must first successfully complete a plastic surgery residency where he or she has passed all the tests and examinations given by the board in order to finally acquire certification.

In the USA, for a plastic surgeon to become a facial plastic surgeon, they must first pass the ABMS certification, and then they have the opportunity to specialize in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, which they must pass with excellence in order to become certified.

Why should we look for a facial plastic surgeon and not a general plastic surgeon?

The reason is that a facial plastic surgeon has spent several years specializing in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery, in addition to passing all the exams required by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to become certified. Therefore, at we can find excellent facial plastic surgeons.

How to choose a good facial plastic surgeon

In order to choose a good surgeon it is good to ask him some questions so that we feel more comfortable and confident. Also, if we can see your certifications and credentials this will make us feel more confident that we are in good hands. Therefore, a good facial plastic surgeon that you can trust should be a very professional person, who is friendly and can clearly explain the whole process of the operation, including the possible risks.

In this way, a good facial plastic surgeon will be able to show you previous procedures he has performed that are similar to yours, so you can see the results those patients obtained and have a better expectation of your surgery. So, if you want to have plastic surgery or reconstruction work, the best choice is