3 Salads that don’t require lettuce

Salads are incredibly versatile. If you’ve always thought of them that Bugs Bunny might eat, you couldn’t be more wrong. Today’s salads are going in new and amazing directions without a lettuce leaf in sight.

Grilled Corn, Zucchini and Tomato With Chickpeas

Corn is a great carb that works even better when it is grilled. This is a good one when it’s summer and you’re in the mood for a barbecue outside. It’s also one that you can put in the fridge and bring out when you’re hungry but your inner carnivore isn’t ready for a full meal. The use of zucchini makes it possible to bring in a blank canvas that needs only a bit of well-chosen herbs to make it come to life. You’ll also find that the tomatoes are a good choice that adds in that color so ideal on a day when you’re tired and want something that will perk up your mood. Put in chickpeas and let it all come together for a great munch. It’s the thing to eat with any heavier protein you want.

Well Flavored Tabouli

Parsley is the stuff most people think about rarely if ever. Parsley is a great base for any salad you might have in mind. This salad brings in other flavors with the parsley. Tomatoes and onion are a necessity. The same is true of ways to bring it out even better like the use of lemon juice, garlic and bulgur wheat along with lots of salt and freshly ground pepper. While these are the standard tabouli recipe, you can also make your own version. Think about the flavors you personally like best. You can take this kind of salad in any direction you really like,

Orzo, Red Peppers and Feta

Orzo is an interesting little form of pasta. People might think it’s rice but it’s not. It’s shaped like rice. It also holds the shape and stands up to anything you want to throw at it. Now is the time to get out the feta and perk it up even more. Feta is the national cheese of Greece. Don’t let the Greeks have all the fun. You want a bit of your own with a salad that adds salt and without overwhelming the palate. Adding in red peppers is a great way to bring in texture. Take when they are crunchy. This a good chance to add in crunch without making the salad feel like Fritos and corn chips. You can make the whole thing come together with a bit of olive oil and some well-chosen vinaigrette. Green peppers are another thing many people love with this one.

A salad is a fabulous thing to bring to any occasion you have in mind. You don’t have to look to boring old lettuce to have a really good time with it. These varied kinds of salads show what you can find when you think outside of the standard, stuff.